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Ever heard of Society6?  It’s a great spot to go and get prints of my art on things you use and love!  Not kidding- you can grab a Spring Fling throw pillow, and the Silver and Gold wall clock (that is so dang hippie & trippy), and you can tote that shit off in a Plight of the Honey Bee tote bag-  all this while you’re stylin’ your new Gator’s Revenge Iphone case!  There’s a bunchhh of other stuff, too- but I see I’ve got you so excited you’re about to pee your pants, so go on and click that Society6 link now!


I don’t do prints of everything I create so- for some original, sweated on, bled into and cussed over, blow your mind kind of art- you simply must go see what I’ve got listed on Etsy!  I’m not even gonna tell you what’s there, cause they are originals and can come and go just like that!  Get your butt on over there and have a look!



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