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Prof. NautiLlloyd

What’s so hard about setting up a blog- you go there, you type shit, you click post and there!  It’s off your chest and out in the world…

Uh-uh.  I believed it would be easy, but I was in disbelief when I encountered so many details that are so hard to remember right now.

I’m 52- not 2-  I didn’t come here with 2013 DNA.  Geez.  I’m kidding, of course.  It does take me awhile to figure things out sometimes though.  The upsides to having a blog and the downsides of actually keeping a blog.  And it does provide a little study of what the blog is meant to be.

Everything we do is tied to belief.  Don’t believe me?  Look at yourself.  You comb your hair like that because you believe you look better that way.  You eat the food you do because you believe it’s the only food you like.  You look out the window and you believe the sun will come up.

Belief is something for us to count on.  The thing that sounds truer than true to our hearts and rings truer than true when we profess it.  But just because you believe it doesn’t make it be true- I mean if you step beyond yourself.  If you gave me a comb, I’d probably comb your hair a different way.  Just because I’d want to see a different side.  I would probably think that a good portion of the food you like is nasty and then would be in total agreement with you on the rest of it.  I look out the window and believe the sun will come up, but it might not today.

There’s always the middle of the road when it comes to belief and disbelief.  When we speak of them, it’s in proportion to our own experiences.  If we haven’t encountered every experience out there, then how can we put so much into belief?   And then the confusion that ensues when we go to speak about the shit – together, gasp! – from different perspectives.  It’s no wonder we’re all so screwy- every one of us. It is my belief that as long as we’re looking, exploring- we’re doing the right thing.  And I will believe that until something comes along to make me disbelieve it.

There.  Did I clear things up for you?


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