Where belief and disbelief attempt to reconcile

Well, Chicken Shit, I Reckon

I want to take a few moments to address my intent and purpose for this blog.

My passion is drawing and painting, so of course I want to share that with you.  Beyond that, the way I see the world greatly affects what I end up with on paper or canvas.  Occasionally you will find some realism in my work, but when all is said and done- it’s a pretty eclectic and hectic mix.

Often when I show my work, I get a lot of the same responses.  “Wow, that’s scary!”  or “Whoever did that must be whacko… ” or “What kinda drugs you on?”.  I also get “Dude, that is so awesome!” and “Wow, what an imagination you have!”.  I enjoy every single comment, be they good or ‘bad’.

But the one that always gets me the most is “What does that mean?” or “What were you thinking?”.  That is the hardest one to answer.  When I set about to make a piece of art, it often starts here and ends up way over there.  It’s where belief and disbelief attempt to reconcile.  And not necessarily my own beliefs and disbeliefs.

It can be about my own beliefs and how I am in disbelief over how I got to those beliefs.  Or it can be about looking at others’ beliefs and feeling disbelief that what they say and what they do are in conflict with each other.  Or it can be about disbelieving in a thing that I see so many others believe in.  Oh, man, my head’s starting to hurt now!  You see why and how this causes me  hardship in explaining what one of my pieces mean?  I could end up boring you to death with the details!

It’s my desire for my work to have a positive impact- to make one think and maybe see something in a new and different way.  I do understand that the surreal and abstract ways that I speak in are often lost in translation.  We live in such an instantaneous world now and I would like to slow it down a bit.

I hope to build a place that you’ll want to come back to again.  I want to hear your thoughts about the art and about my posts.  I believe that you have great things to teach me as well.


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