We like to think we’re good people…

Yesterday I came across this article titled ‘The Moral Lives of Ethicists‘ by Eric Schwitzgebel on his website The Splintered Mind.   This sums up the gist of his article, his words– “When I meet an ethicist for the first time – by “ethicist”, I mean a professor of philosophy who specializes in teaching and researching ethics – it’s my habit to ask whether ethicists behave any differently to other types of professor. Most say no.

Interesting article and yet, not such a surprise.  Having said that, there was a bit of surprise in it for myself.   While I do make every attempt to walk my talk, when life gets hard and I’m hanging by strings, it can get hard to think of the other side of my ego.  The part of the article that made me step back and look in the mirror was when Eric asked his son a question.  The answer the kid gave was spot on and it hit me right smack in the face.  I really want you to go read that article, so that’s all I’m gonna give you on that.

You see, Honey (my husband) and I have had a particularly rough couple of years.  He was laid off a year and a half ago and the finishing work I had been doing was in the middle of drying up and blowing away in the wind.  No one can speak to desperation until they have been thrown into it.  Doing things you don’t have any interest in doing just to make ends meet is a tough row.  It can get uglier than a prom queen who just got puked on before her acceptance walk.

What I’m gettin’ at is that I have said those words about fairness and sharing (read the article!) to others.  I thought I was being fair right back.  Maybe not so much, though.  Because in the heat of the battle for survival, one can lose their self and not see so clearly.    Heck, it’s easy enough to lose yourself even if you aren’t in a battle.  Pure carelessness will do it in a skinny minute.  We like to think we’re good people when we measure ourselves against others.  The only good that really counts is when we measure it against ourselves.

So… I’ve consulted with my mirror and we’re working on some things.  Honey has gained employment which is grand.  Me?  Because of the situation, my daily life has turned 180 degrees and everything has changed completely from what it was.  That is a good thing no matter how awful it feels at the moment- a topic for another blog post :^)


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